Contemporary Garden – Saffron Walden

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About This Project

Linden Square belongs to an exclusive new development in Saffron Walden, and as is often the case with new builds, we were faced with the exciting task of changing this simple grassland plot into an inspiring and enjoyable space for the clients. The clients also wanted a vast array of plants, and colours to give a great display throughout the year.
To take advantage of the sloping garden and to create a journey through the space, the garden was arranged into a series of rooms, separated by small level changes. A modest but elegant rill, leads the eye down into the garden culminating at a pool and seating area. A smaller stone bowl in the pool spills over into the depths providing both an area for birds, and the relaxing sound of running water. The paddle stone walls form a beautiful central spine through the garden and add to the mystery of the garden journey by disguising the garden beyond. Bespoke stone planting bowls are up-lit in front of the largest paddlestone wall to cast interesting shadows and feature seasonal bulbs. At the top of the garden, a beautifully crafted render and hardwood bench provides seating and comfort from which to enjoy the new space.
The garden is brought to life at night by a remotely controlled lighting system, highlighting key features and seating areas.